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Why I Hate The Word Healthy...

June 23, 2017

Over the past few years and especially last six months that I have been in the fitness industry and running my personal training business, I have noticed the overuse and vagueness of the word healthy. 


Go ask someone who is working out what their goal is and they will reply with some version of " to be fit and healthy.".


Is it possible that we are ALL chasing this far off image of someone who is smiling as they cut celery and wearing a size zero? It sometimes feels like we are a rabbit chasing after that carrot that is dangling right in front of our heads but we can never quite catch it.







What does healthy even mean anyway? 


Don't worry my friend, I googled it...Would you expect anything less?



  1. in good health.

    "I feel fit and healthy"

    synonyms:well, in good health, fine, fit, in good trim, in good shape, in fine fettle, in tip-top shape

How vague is that?!?


Healthy means something different to EVERYONE; weight loss, muscle mass, anxiety reduction, nourishing your body, posture correction, pain reduction, mind/body awareness etc. Does it mean that you are cancer-free, have broken the cycle of addiction or finally love the skin you are in? 


These things simply cannot be summed up into one word that fits everyone. We are all different humans with different stories and goals. 


So lets sit down and dig a little deeper together today...


What does healthy mean to you? When you have reached that goal of being healthy, describe to me a day in the life. How do you feel? What are you wearing? What do your daily activities look like and what kinds of food are you nourishing your body with?


Let's create a VISION behind that word healthy and dig deep into what is really making us want the change in our lives.


QUICK! Grab a notebook and a pen and create your vision...If you started your wellness journey today and stuck to it consistently, where would you want to be in one year?  Write it out, create a vision board, draw a picture, whatever floats your boat....


Ditch the word healthy and get some concrete goals behind the word. 


And maybe you already are healthy and don't feel the need to strive for that....Awesome, do it anyway. Nothing ever went wrong when someone established goals and got them down on paper. =)


That's all I've got for you tonight, folks! 


With Love,






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