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25 Ways To Embrace Self Care

December 1, 2016

I am writing this post about self-care today for quite a few reasons. First and foremost as a reminder to myself to take a step back and continue to strive for balance through the ups and downs of life an listen to my inner-voice.


Second I am writing this as a reminder to all the mamas out there. Self care is not selfish and in fact it teaches our little ones to one day that self-care is an important part of life and there are many ways to do it.


I also want to encourage us all to push past the images of bubble baths and manicures as a means of self care and dig deeper into what self-care really means as a way to nourish our body, mind and spirit. It is more than indulgence or an excuse to spend money (although those things are fantastic in my book).


This post is meant to help us brainstorm together different ideas and strategies. It is a conversation starter to get us thinking about where in our lives we need a little extra love.


So alas the list...


1. Daily unplugged from technology time.

2. Stretching before bed.

3. Listening to personal growth podcasts or audiobooks in the car.

4. Saying no to things that deep down you really don't want to do (even if someone else gets upset).

5.Keeping up with routine medical visits.

6. Drinking water daily (at least 64oz).

7. Eat something green at every meal.

8. Commit to learning something new.

9. Take a day to yourself once a week/month (whatever you can make work) and do things you WANT to do.

10. Remove social media friends who trigger negative emotions.

11. Keep a running list of qualities you love about yourself.

12. Put the do not disturb setting 'on' on your phone at a certain time every night.

13. Everyday to something that you WANT to do.

14.  Keep chapstick, lotions, essential oils (whatever makes you feel the best) in your purse and use them every time you get in your car or use the restroom.

15.  Floss your teeth (seriously, take one wiff of your floss afterwards and you will know exactly why it's important).

16. Stretch before bed and first thing in the morning.

17. Drink loose leaf teas or warm lemon water.

18. Take deep breathes.

19. Get rid of items you have not used in two years.

20. Buy yourself flowers!!

21. Organize something that is driving you CRAZY.

22. Give yourself a manicure (or if you are like me and incredibly horrible at that, go pay someone to do it for you).

23. Invest in a personal development class ( in person or online).

24. Go spend some time outside.

25. Play a game like a child (tag, sprinkler, slip&slide, red rover, whatever makes you giggle).


Like I said, this is the tip of the iceberg and hopefully allows you to open your mind up to other forms of self care besides the massage, bubble bath and glass of wine (as I write this, I just planned my Friday night, btw).


Did this help you jog your memory and come up with more ideas? Share in the comments! I would love to add yours to the list!


Now, go take care of YOU, body mind and soul.


With Love,








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