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The Rest Series Part 4- {Types of Rest}

June 22, 2017



Why hello my friend,


I hope you are feeling great on this Thursday evening. The sun has been shining extra bright and the fun of summer seems to be here. I know I am enjoying a lot of time at the pool with friends and it has done wonders to help lift the fog of grief that had set over my life this spring.


So today I am bringing you part 4 of the rest series and we are going to get into the different types of rest. Last week I wrote about chronic stress, the role it can play in your life and ways to help cope. 


When we think about rest, most of us think about a nap or an early bedtime, you think of your busy life that has left you exhausted at the end of the day or taking a day off from working out.


These are all very valid reasons to need rest but today I want to take you a little deeper into the topic so we think bigger when it comes to resting and taking care of ourselves.


For me, it is easier to break down rest into categories:








 Yes, this is actually my bed and yes I love it so much that just looking at it makes me want to curl up with my diffusor and a good book.


Anyway, back on track-- 


Below I have created a list of activities that would fit into each category.


Make your own list and make it your own! We are all different people with different needs, so what works for me, probably won't work exactly right for you. I encourage you to use this blueprint to find your own way. 


After the list is created, circle a few of them that really pop out at you and see if there are any connections or trends.


Do you like a certain type of rest best?

Is there a certain area of your life where you push yourself more?

Did anything about your list surprise you?




-early bed time



-foam rolling

-epsom salt bath

-building in a rest day to your workout





-unplug from technology

-get rid of cable

-leaving work at work

-plan breaks in your day (and stick to them!)

-listen to mentally relaxing music






-saying no to things you don't really want to do

-remove negativity (tv, social media, people)


-read personal development in an area you are struggling with

-allow yourself to feel all of your emotions



-saying no plans when you are tired or simply aren't feeling up to it

-connecting with one friend instead of a large group

-take an afternoon completely to yourself

-surround yourself with people who believe in and encourage you

-take yourself on a date ( movie and dinner alone)

-listen to your emotions and take a break from individuals who are bringing out negativity in you



Now my friend, it is your turn! 


Use my lists to help you create your own and then circle the ones that jump out at you. What do you notice? Does your list look different? What would you add to yours?


With Love,






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