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Showing Your Imperfections

April 11, 2018


Good morning my lovely people.


It is late and I am awake. It is usually during these times that the heaviness of what is lingering from my day comes to sit with me.


Today I thought a lot about vulnerability in friendships. I thought about it a lot because it is hard. The older I get, the more I realize that fear of judgement and being misunderstood does not just go away with age (like I always thought it would).


Just like diets, I began to wonder why in the hell do we even are what other people think?


Anyway, I almost titled this post "Showing people your cracks" but thought better of myself (although I can't help but giggle).


But in all seriousness, showing people the raw and tender places in our hearts feels scary, like your first day at a new school.


But when we find the courage to break down these walls and open up to others around us, we learn and realize we are all going through something, fearing something, feeling less than.


Vulnerability is more than girl time, vulnerability I am coming to realize is self care.


We NEED each other. We need people to connect with and guess what? There is a friend out there who needs you too. 


A self-care action step for you today: Schedule weekly friend time. I mean a date with one of your "people" with the purpose of opening up and connecting. Continuing this weekly will strengthen your bond and bring joy to your life. True friends are important, being able to BE a friend is just as valuable as receiving a friend.



With Love,




P.S. After we make our move over the pond, I will be opening up the opportunity to work with me as your self-care coach. Someone in your pocket, on your side, making sure you remain a priority in your own life. 



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