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We Are Alive and Well!

July 18, 2018

My friends!


We are alive and well across the pond in the beautiful country of England.


We arrived mid May and have spent the last two months trying to figure out what life for us will look like over here. 


We have a house, our car made it safely and we have even enrolled the girls into British schools. 


We have done SO MUCH both in physical work and adjusting culturally to our new lives that it seems like we have been here a lot longer than two months.


The only thing we are waiting on now is...


Our stuff.


I have been extremely proud and enlightened at our ability to live on less, and by less I mean what we packed in our suitcases over two months ago. 



At first, it felt extremely limiting to only have 5-6 outfits to wear on rotation with a jacket and two pairs of shoes. It felt boring to not have all of my hobbies, tv, tasks to distract me in this house that sits practically empty (except for the fabulously comfortable loaner furniture from the base.). There are very few possessions to "manage" and the absence of this managerial position at times has left me feeling like there are a million things I should  be doing...Except there's not.


What started off as a bit of anxiety that I am forgetting seriously important life tasks has instead turned into rest, fun, family time, reading and yes a little bit of boredom (is it really such a bad thing to experience being bored? When was the last time you were actually really, truly bored out of your mind?)


Instead of tv at night, we sit, talk and discuss our next trips (ok we do watch one show a night on Netflix, currently: Mr. Selfridge). Our Saturdays are spent exploring our surroundings and taking day trips in the country. 




The girls have learned the art of playing outside for endless hours, although we do admit that their kindle fire's have become a little bit of a crutch during the afternoon witching hour before dinner. Even so, it is so nice to give them this time to actually be present with each other and their play.


All in all, we are doing well.


I can't wait to share this journey abroad with you, navigating all aspects of wellness and simply living the best life possible.


With Love,




P.S. I have become obsessed with doors. So get ready for 3 years of lots of random door pictures like this one.






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