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Six Tips for Mindful Eating

July 16, 2017

Hello my friend.


Today I am going to share with you sex tips for mindful eating. I hope this Sunday finds you rested, relaxed and inspired to live well this week.


It is no surprise that I am a huge advocate for mindfulness. I write about clearing the clutter, getting enough rest, taking care of yourself in ALL areas of your life, not just nutrition and fitness. 


We live in such a fast paced environment that has our brains and bodies on go mode nearly all the time. We are a society that is constantly multitasking and the result is lack of quality, lack of richness in our lives and lack of intention and purpose.


This fast way of life has spilled into the way we care for ourselves, nourish our bodies and enjoy movement. 


I know that when I am in that panicked, fast paced space, I scarf down my meals or simply forget to eat all together. I am eating in front of the fridge, my email or the television and none of these are great options to really enjoy my meals, feel nourished and listen to my body's true hunger signals.


Stress eating had become the norm for me during certain stressful times of my life, turning to food to keep my hands and mind busy, trying to make something finally feel good or even the opposite; gaining control of my life by restricting my eating. I have been on both sides of this pendulum many times. 



I always have to stay vigilant to not return to these places, or at least recognize it and incorporate different mindfulness strategies into my life.


Mindful eating has helped me tremendously. ACTUALLY listening to my body, it's hunger signals and how my body and mind are feeling are so crucial.


I think sometimes media, diets and the constant push to change our bodies leaves us unsure of what should go in, when and how much. We think someone else knows best and we look outside instead of turning inward and owning the house we live in. The truth is, YOU know best about your body and how you feed it. Mindful eating is a way to help you stop, listen and respond to your surroundings and your body so you are enjoying your food and being present in your life.


Here are some tips I have created to help you practice mindful eating, which means paying attention to your body and the process of nourishment.


1. Create a peaceful eating environment.  Create a space at your table that is decorated to your taste and feels good to be there and when you are at home, that is where you eat. Just like we create a peaceful sleeping environment to rest in, the same goes for where we nourish our bodies.


2. No distractions. You got it girl, no t.v., iPhone, podcasts and at the beginning even conversations can take you away from listening to your body and enjoying your food.


3. Slow down. Take your time, full breathes between bites and chew twenty times before swallowing. 


4. Note your senses. Take a moment as you eat and go through your 5 senses and give your meal an adjective for each. I know this sounds like a kindergarten project but I truly believe it helps us enjoy all aspects of eating and hey, everything you need to know in life you learn in kindergarten, right?


5. Gratitude. For the food, the nourishment, the space around you and simply the fact that you are breathing. Whatever your heart is being pulled towards in gratitude during your meal time, it is a great place to incorporate that practice.


6. Switch Hands.  No doubt this will help you slow down and focus on the task at hand (see what I did there?) in the present instead of thinking about the past or the future. 


Slow down, show gratitude, enjoy the beautiful meal in front of you. I hope you find these ideas helpful. What mindfulness strategies appeal to you during meal times?


With Love,



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