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How To Stay Accountable To Your Goals

March 12, 2019


How to Stay Accountable To Your Wellness Goals.



Ok friends,


We have come to that time of the year, ya know, the time where we have completely forgotten how to stay accountable to the wellness goals we set at the beginning of the year and spring time is just around the corner! You have visions of outdoor runs, spring get togethers and summer is just right around the corner.


Whether you set these wellness goals to lose weight, improve your quality of life or reverse an indicator of health, staying accountable to your wellness goals is a crucial step in implementing a new habit.


So today as I was cleaning out a closet and watching the rain POUR down outside, I came up with a list of ways to help you learn how to stay accountable to your wellness goals, especially when it is hard and the weather is crappy.


1. Remember your WHY and write it down. There is something to be said for writing and the connection it has with your brain. Whether it be in a journal, jotting down in your phone remember your reason behind the change and write it down somewhere where you will see it again.


2. Plan it and look at the plan daily. This strategy to stay accountable to your wellness goals has helped me so much. When I was trying to stay accountable my gratitude journal, I decided to move my gratitude list from a notebook to my daily planner. Since I did that, I had to look at it every single day and it really made a difference. 



3. Find someone to help you stay accountable to your wellness goals. There is nothing like having to tell someone when you have failed or succeeded. It can be as easy as a text message when you hit your daily step goal or a daily picture of your veggies, a good friend, or a coach can help give you the accountability you have been looking for.


4. Get an activity tracker. This has been an absolute game changer in my life. Having knowledge is POWER and fuel to help you begin and continue to stay accountable to your wellness goal. I personally love the apple watch. I love how it links to my phone and other health apps, has gps and a heart rate monitor. I can compare my data in many different ways and can change my goals weekly.


5. Find a motivational book. Nothing inspires me more than reading about someone who has done something amazing with their life and there is no doubt that surrounding yourself with people who are doing things you want to be doing, helps develop character and impacts your behavior. One of my all time books that inspired me to train for and run half-marathons is the Ultra-Marathon Man. Now I never had the intention of running an ultra marathon but just reading about a person with the commitment and will that I wanted to have was very helpful for me. 


Hopefully these tips have helped you brainstorm ideas for how you will stay accountable to your wellness goals into spring. 


I would love to hear your ideas in the comments section!


With Love,





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