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Mindset and Changing Habits

September 29, 2019

Mindset and Changing Habits


My friends,

It has been FOREVER since I have last posted here. I found myself just.needing.a.break. from the internet in general. Between schoolwork, parenting, traveling and being pregnant, something in my life really needed to give and letting go of this space  was self-care.  Saying no, taking breaks when you need it, setting boundaries are things I will always encourage you to do and can only lead by example.


But today, for some reason it felt like the day to come back here and share more content. If you are new to this space, I am a certified health coach, personal trainer and and currently finishing up my master's degree in public health with a concentration in health promotion.





Today I want to share with you a few tips to help create a bombshell mindset around changing habits in your life. Change is hard and it takes time for sure but with a few tweaks, you can make changing habits easier on your mind, body and soul.


1. Make it positive. Instead of focusing on removing a negative habit, focus on adding positive habits to your life. For example, if you would like to quit scrolling social media, instead of setting a goal to not scroll social media at night, make the goal about calling a friend every evening to reconnect or reading a book nightly.  Replace the habit you would like to change with something positive that will bring value to you.


2. Create a ritual around it. When you are focused on this change, make it fun and luxurious so you WANT to come back and do it again. Avoid tempting behaviors at night time (social media scrolling, snacking, drinking) can be replaced with a special treat that is not food, a bubble bath, expensive tea etc. Drink your tea in the bathtub or give yourself a nice hand massage as you paint your nails. How can you take that change and make it a special ritual that you will enjoy?


3. Accountability. Confide in a trustworthy circle of friends and family who will check in with your goal and encourage/help you in positive ways. Not only to have someone help you stay the course but to be someone you can confide in while you are processing your need to change and someone who can help remind you of all the value this habit change will bring to your life. Find out more abut staying accountable to your wellness goals.


4. Write it down. Writing down the goal is extremely helpful in wrapping your brain around the 'how', but writing down the areas of your life that will change will help you to anchor the 'why' in your brain and in your life. Be sure to include changes such as mental, emotional, physical (not just your physical looks) and relational benefits you will see from these changes.


5. Celebrate! The last tip I am sharing today is how celebrating your goals can help you to stay the course. Extrinsic motivation is especially helpful when the goal is a really hard one. One thing to keep in mind is to make the reward non-food/alcohol related and have it align to what your goal is or something that would make you feel so good about yourself.


I hope these tips on how to change your mindset around habit change have helped you look at your habit with a new positive mindset. 


If you have any questions about this process, please don't be afraid to reach out in an email  shannonjhealth@gmail.com.


If you would like more content in the area of habit change, come pick up this free guide to habit change.


With Love,






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September 29, 2019

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