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What the diet industry gets wrong.

October 2, 2019




Hiya, friends! 


Today, my wellness practice was taking a bath and exfoliating my feet. I have been exhausted this past week and for some reason, it is all I could think about doing on this cold afternoon. 


Lucky for me, I get my best ideas when I am in the shower/bath and spent a lot of time reflecting on where I started in the health and wellness industry, the lessons I have learned and the personal and professional growth that has happened to me over these last five years helping others in wellness. 


I dipped my toes into this role as a health coach by running online fitness and nutrition accountability groups on Facebook. It grazed the surface on helping people stay committed to exercise and I could do it at home while my kids were little. 


Eventually this led me to become a certified personal trainer and a certified health coach and I began working with clients in person at the local wellness center. 


In both of these roles I noticed a few things 90% of my clients had in common:


1. They wanted to lose weight/change their body as a mode to feeling better and "being healthy".

2. They had a magic number that would "fix" their problems seemingly in every area of life.

3. They wanted a diet/exercise plan that would get them there FAST.

4. They struggled to commit to any kind of lifestyle change program.


I saw this over and over again. I could almost predict the fad trend they would be interested in and as they opened up about the struggles behind actually following through with their intentions, it became very clear to me the problem.


These women are not in alignment with what they want in their lives.


What do I mean by that?


They are riding the STRUGGLE bus, going in circles over and over again, but the person they want to be is strong, confident and has stellar self-care strategies.


They are allowing the media and strict social standards direct their behavior. They have absolutely no idea what feels good as far as self-care goes and they will endure so much pain for the sake of being something they are not.


So over the course of the last few years, I have restructured how I help women in wellness. We look at the WHOLE PICTURE, instead of focusing on weight and body transformation. 


The western woman is stressed out. Most of us have expectations that are superwoman like in nature and we are not equipped with the strategies to say no and create boundaries around our lives, so that we can create space for self care in all six domains (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, practical and social). 


Only when you can manage stress and learn effective coping strategies can you make space for actually becoming the future self you dream about.


I believe in creating systems for wellness that are built into your day and make a BIG impact.


I believe in saying no to things that are not aligned with your values.


I believe in healthy coping mechanisms to support you when the stress monster does rear its ugly head.


I believe falling in love with your body just.as.it.is will change your life in big ways.


I believe one plan does not fit all and wellness should be tailored to fit your specific need goals and life.


You are worth jumping off of the hamster wheel. You are worth showing up present for yourself and feeling cared for and confident. You are worth becoming that future self you have dreamed of and you actually CAN change your behaviors and your life.


This month I am offering my 8 week health coaching package at a discounted price! Normally priced at $399 for 8 one hour coaching calls, copy of the self care workbook and weekly follow-up email coaching for $199. 


That is a 50% savings for you which comes to $25/week for  complete support to helping you build your best life. 


To claim this offer, please send an email to



With Love,








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