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We Are Women.

June 26, 2017

We are women.


Mothers, daughters, sisters, caretakers, teachers, friends, workers and so much more.


We take the weight of the world and carry it upon our shoulders day in and day out. We give to all of the things that are important to us and our families because we care and we love, first and foremost always.


But do we make time for ourselves? Do we give as much to our own body, mind and soul as we pour into the world?


Do we care for the body we have been blessed to move in and do we give our minds and hearts the rest we need to live out our purpose? Are our souls crying for a hobby, an outlet to simply focus on enjoying this wonderful life?


Are we making time to pursue what makes us smile for no other reason than that or time for play throughout our busy day?


I write about the things I struggle with, certainly not because I have mastered any of this or that I can call myself anything more than a student of it. Caring for self in a world that needs you so desperately is hard. It is easy to jump in and do-do-do, but at some point, the branch can only hold so much before it breaks and the leaves, berries and nests come crashing down to the ground. 




Learning to listen to those cues from your body to help you regulate when you need to step back and breathe takes time. 


One thing I have learned is that happiness matters. Inner peace matters and living a life you are in love with is crucial.


What is one thing you can do today to remind yourself that the way you feel inside and out really does matter?


Find your flow.

Find your smile.

Breathe deep.



I would love for you to check out the Self-Care Workbook that I created for my own use and have decided to share with the world. It is a blue print, a place for you to brainstorm and play with ideas that make you smile and happy. 


And one thing us ladies need more of in this world is happy, joy, contentment. 




With Love,










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